Five Reasons to Explore Your Own City

This weekend, I did something I’ve never done before: I toured my own city.

I know initially this sounds ridiculous and pointless, but it was actually an amazing experience.

I participated in an InstaMeet with Kansas Tourism and Visit Kansas City, Kansas. There was no cost other than the T-bones baseball game that night. We began with a bus tour to three stops: Rosedale Memorial Arch, Kaw Point Riverfront Park and downtown KCK murals. We then had lunch at Memorial Hall and later toured Children’s Mercy Park.

Coming from Missouri side of Kansas City, I am still familiar with the area, but I saw it in a totally different way Saturday.

Here are five reasons you should explore your own city:

  1. In most instances, it’s generally free

The Instameet I participated in was free, because most of the tourist attractions were free. Research historical sites in your city. Hear the stories of what happened there before you came. Research art in your city. You may think you’ve seen it all, but trust me…you haven’t. Art ranging from sculptures, to murals, to graffiti is everywhere and it’s all worth seeing.

    2. You get to be the tourist

You get to see how people perceive your city as tourists. It makes you realize what you want to do to help improve the city in any way you can. You will even have great recommendations for your local friends or visiting friends that have never seen the area before or are looking for something fun to do.

    3. You gain a better appreciation for where you’re from

This also applies back to the historical sites and art. For instance, Kaw Point Riverfront Park allowed you to walk on the same ground as Lewis and Clark. A lot of historic sites have monuments that can make you feel like you can perfectly picture that moment in history. Art tells a story. I saw many great murals this weekend, but art that is significant to your city, like the “Kansas Printer” really gives you a new found appreciation.

    4. You will probably find out about things you didn’t know

You literally drive by places you don’t know about in your city all the time and don’t even know what you’re missing. I’ve been in the Kansas City, Kansas area several times and have never seen any of these places up close. You gain more of an interest in what else is in your city that you still haven’t seen. Isn’t that crazy?

    5. You get a sense of traveling without spending hundreds of dollars 

I’m not saying you shouldn’t travel out of your city, because you definitely should. However, touring your own city gives you that sense of being somewhere foreign to you. Get to know your own city before touring other cities. Know where you are from.

There is so much out there to discover.

Go discover your own city. 

I love Kansas City. 


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